About Dining for NMO

Gabriela Romanow, mother of a child with NMO and Dining for NMO founder and Christine Ha, ‘The Blind Cook’ Master Chef Season 3 Winner invite you to join us for the third annual “Dining for NMO” project, to be held any time in 2017.

All proceeds from Dining for NMO are donated to The Guthy-Jackson Research Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for NMO. 100% of all donations go directly to research.


This is up to you! Whatever works for you and your restaurant!


Visit the ‘Restaurants’ tab for a list of participating restaurants from around the world.


A rare autoimmune disease, neuromyelitis optica (NMO) causes paralysis and/or vision loss. There is no cure for NMO, and government funding for research into this condition is marginal. Therefore, Gabriela, Christine and participating restaurants invite you to support research during this annual event.


• We need your help! Recruit a restaurant to participate in Dining for NMO and invite all your friends to dine there on the date of your choice. You will help us raise awareness and funds to combat this terrible disease.

• If you aren’t soliciting restaurants but live near a Dining for NMO event, please join in the fun, and bring all of your friends and relatives!

• If you own or work in a restaurant, volunteer your establishment by contacting Gabriela here.

• Check back here for more resources like graphics, flyers and press releases.

Meet the NMO Advocates Organizing
"Dining for NMO"

Christine Ha

Christine Ha

"The Blind Cook", winner of MasterChef Season 3, was diagnosed with NMO in 2003.

Learn more about Christine Ha at her website by clicking here.

Gabriela Romanow

Gabriela Romanow

Gabriela’s 21-year-old son Max (pictured left) was diagnosed with NMO in 2014. Since then, she has committed herself to raising money to help find a cure for the disease that struck her son.

Ways to Help

1. Invite Restaurants

Share this message with as many restaurants as you can, inviting them to participate in the second annual "Dining for NMO" on October 17 by donating a portion of their proceeds from breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner to The Guthy-Jackson Research Foundation, Inc., an organization dedicated to finding a cure for NMO. (Suggested Donation: 10% of revenue)

2. Invite Friends and Family to Join

Start inviting friends and family to dine out at a participating restaurant during "Dining for NMO" on October 17. Visit our "Share" page for resources such as cover photos for Facebook and Twitter, Christine's YouTube video, and more.

3. Give


Have questions, or need more information? Please email Gabriela Romanow.

Gabriela Romanow


Make use any of these free resources to help get the word out about Dining for NMO.



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If you are a restaurant, please contact Gabriela to add your restaurant to this growing list.

Restaurant Testimonials

"It was truly a pleasure working with Christine. She even gave us her recipes to use for the evening! We are looking forward to next year's Dining for NMO."

Germ Doornbos, Noir: Dining in the Dark

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Hosting Dining with NMO was a wonderful experience - being able to spread awareness about NMO and help fund research towards a cure at the same time. Looking forward to this becoming a larger annual event with more restaurants participating each year!"

Mary Cho, Dak and Bop

Houston, TX

"Here's to all the Lineage diners who joined us to support the NMO fundraising event. Lots of familiar faces, and many new ones as well, made the evening so special. Thank you for your generosity!"

Amy Audette, Lineage Restaurant

Brookline, MA



Check Donations

If you would like to mail a gift instead of giving online, please complete the following:

1. Print and fill out the giving form

In the 'This gift is made in honor of:' section please enter "Dining for NMO".

2. Mail the giving form and payment to the address below

The Guthy-Jackson Research Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 15185
Beverly Hills, California 90210